Before meeting with Joanne, for the majority of my life, I had been living every day with severe anxiety. I was going through a divorce, custody battle, my career was high stress. I was completely overwhelmed with thoughts about thoughts and feelings about feelings that were so focused on all this negativity.

Joanne helped me see that life is a gift, full of positivity and that that positivity actually comes from within you. She gave me the inspiration, tools, and awareness to calm my mind, take control of my emotions and build a beautiful connection with my higher self.

Today I get to experience what it feels like to be me without anxiety. I would not trade feeling like my true self for anything in this world. I am happily building the life of my dreams, surrounded by great people, I’ve been able to love again and I live a much more peaceful life.

I stopped and made the decision to turn my life around, but it was the support and guidance from Joanne that turned my hopes of a better life into a reality.

I highly recommend Joanne to anyone in search of a better life though calming your mind and feeding your soul. Trust me, your best investment is in yourself! Cheers 

Ryan – BC, Canada

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